3 month turnaround from Referral to Award

One of the main pillars for the Tribunal for Commercial Property was the objective to effective and fast dispute resolution relating to Commercial Leases. A recent arbitration was finalised within a period of 12 weeks (three months) from the date of appointment of the arbitrator to the date of the final award. The average time

The Tribunal for Commercial Property in full swing

We can now report that a number of disputes from Commercial Lease Agreements are being referred to the Tribunal, putting the gears of the Tribunal into motion, with most of the disputes revolving around outstanding rental and associated damages.  Referring Attorneys are eager to apply the rules and are surprised by the simplicity of the

Tribunal For Commercial Property – A First For SA

Tribunal For Commercial Property Offers Alternative In A Ground Breaking Move For Commercial Property In South Africa In a ground breaking move for commercial property in South Africa, a group of legal and commercial property experts have put their heads together and conceptualised the country’s first Tribunal for Commercial Property. The Tribunal offers the commercial